Projects and Partners

It’s our responsibility to make sure that individuals, organizations, governments and corporations are aware of the potential impact they have on our natural resources. But we can’t stop there.  It only makes sense to develop partnerships with those same groups if we want to protect and enhance Ontario-based fish and wildlife.  Over the years we have partnered with many like-minded organizations to promote education and conservation initiatives.

Some of our past project partners are listed below.

2011 Projects

September 2011- Conservation Halton- granted $5,000 -for the  Mountsberg Shrike recovery project Project Objectives: To help bring the endangered Eastern Loggerhead Shrike back from the edge of extinction in Canada. To accomplish this our goal is to build a captive breeding facility so we can stabilize the population by releasing captive bred loggerhead shrike hatchlings into the wild beginning in ...

2008-2009 Projects

May 2008- Haliburton-Muskoka Children’s Water Festival- granted $1,000 for the water festival activity centres May 2008- Woodstock & District Development Service – granted $2,000 for the Forest for Life program May 2008- Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority- granted $ 5,000 for Building for Change computers May 2008- Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority- granted $ 6,000 for Building for ...

2002-2006 Projects

June 2002- Haliburton Lake Trout Project – granted $2,500 for science element of project November 2002- Norfolk Land Stewardship Council – granted $2,000 for Backus Heritage Centre interpretative display February 2003- Canadian Ecology Centre- granted $2,500 for educational program February 2003 – Grand River Foundation- granted $5,300 for Luther Marsh Important Bird Area Septemb ...