1. To conserve and enhance natural habitats.

Loss of suitable habitat is the single greatest pressure faced by Ontario’s wildlife. The OWF funds hands-on conservation projects, often in cooperation with local or provincial conservation or community groups.

  1. To promote, cooperate and participate in conservation education.

Only interested and aware citizenry can make natural resources a healthy priority. The OWF will produce educational materials for both school-aged children and adults. The OWF will also cooperate or partner with the conservation activities of others to make the mutual effort more effective. Through education and stewardship, individual Ontarians can learn the importance of wildlife, the need to conserve and enhance our natural world, and their own role within nature.

  1. To encourage the enjoyment of healthful outdoor recreation.

Birds, fish, animals and their habitats have an intrinsic value to residents of Ontario. Just knowing they are healthy and abundant contributes to our mental well-being. To many they are the sources of important recreation activities such as bird watching, hiking, camping, canoeing, etc. The OWF will work to ensure that Ontarians continue to have ample opportunity for such recreations in all corners of the province.

  1. To promote and support scientific research and general investigation of birds, fish, animals and their habitats.

Government cutbacks have resulted in less research being done on the needs and status of our precious natural resources. The OWF will identify and sponsor necessary research both on its own and in cooperation with government and non government research agencies. The OWF also intends to offer research grants to deserving university and postgraduate students carrying out pertinent research or assessment.

  1. To allow for abundant stocks of healthy birds, fish and animals so they can be readily available for the use and enjoyment of all people.

Natural spaces and a healthy environment are necessary for the well-being of all residents of Ontario. Through protection and enhancement techniques, the OWF will help ensure that the environment and its inhabitants are healthy and available for the enjoyment of all Ontarians. Man must be a part of nature, not apart from it.

  1. To cooperate with other organizations and individuals in conservation.

It will take far more than one Foundation to make Ontario the best it can be for wildlife. The OWF will partner and cooperate with other organizations with compatible goals. The OWF will enhance the overall conservation community’s success at local, provincial and national levels.