Thank you to those who applied for 2022, we will be in touch once applications have been reviewed by the board and decisions have been made.

OWF Summary

The Ontario Wildlife Foundation mission is to raise funds and awareness for the conservation and enhancement of Ontario’s natural resources through research and restoration. Our strength comes from partnering with other groups on conservation projects and promoting conservation education.

Funding: The majority of the funds we raise come from individual contributors. We also have some corporate donors.

Restrictions: The OWF will not support projects where the net benefit will not be realized by the local, regional, or provincial community (e.g. enhancement of privately owned property)

The OWF will not provide funds for travel expense to conferences/seminars, for legal actions, land acquisitions or staffing/salaries.

Conditions: Your project coordinator must submit a final report to the OWF including details of the project, an outline of how the OWF funds were used and the benefit(s) to the community. If the project runs into the following year an interim report may be requested by the OWF. The deadline for these reports will be outlined in your funding approval letter.

Electronic copies of the OWF logo will be provided for use in signage or other materials dealing promoting the project.

Use of the final report and application details may be posted on our website.

Approval: Final approval of applications will be determined at the OWF Board of Directors annual meeting each summer. The application approval process is determined by several factors including, but not limited to, the value of the project to the local, regional, or provincial community, the necessity of the funds requested, and the amount of funding and support received from other sources.

Submitting application:

All applications are to be submitted by email to: OWF program Coordinator at – Subject line 2023 grant application

The application must include a completed application form and all of the applicable support materials outlined on the application form (inclusion of pictures is beneficial).

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent by email.

Liability – Applicant assumes the entire responsibility for the implementation and the outcome of the project. Applicants are also responsible for complying with all governing laws (e.g. permits).

Fraud – If the OWF has reason to believe that the applicant is being fraudulent in trying to obtain OWF funding, the application will automatically be rejected and the applicant will be reported to the applicable authorities.

Download 2023 Grant Application

(Submission deadline – May 30, 2023)