Project Description

Conservation Halton

August 2014

Conservation Halton

* Granted $5,000 for the Mountsberg Shrike recovery project.

Project objectives:

To help bring the endangered Eastern Loggerhead Shrike back from the edge of extinction in Canada. In November 2011, a specially designed captive breeding facility to house and breed Loggerhead Shrike was completed at Mountsberg Conservation Area. Since the facility opened, the Shrike recovery project has shown great success.

In 2012, 22 eggs were laid by five of the six breeding pairs active at the Mountsberg facility. Of these eggs, 8 were released and, following the migration, 3 of these shrikes returned to breed in Canada. This was considered very successful (average return rates are 2%), and were the best release and return rates of the Shrike recovery efforts in Ontario. The complete results for the 2013 season are still pending. Of the 37 eggs laid, 18 were released, and Mountsberg staff are now awaiting their return.