Project Description

The Pine Project

September 2013

The P.I.N.E. Project

* Granted $7,000 for the Wolverines Teen School

Project objectives:

Using the existing capacity of the P.I.N.E. project and  the expertise of its staff, as well as building on the demand for more of its innovative programs, the objective of this project is to create three, 10 week after school programs for teens (beginning January 2014) as well as holding 3 summer weekend meetings. Using the resources of P.I.N.E. outdoor and environmental education professionals, this program will provide the opportunity for urban teens to learn about stewardship, conservation and the outdoors in a natural setting. Once the initial costs for program development are incurred, the P.I.N.E. self-sustaining model (an affordable participant fee) will ensure that the program can continue to run in the future. As well, through its own Best Day Ever fund, P.I.N.E. subsidizes 20% of its under privileged youth participants,  ensuring that teens belonging to families with limited incomes are able to participate in this exceptional opportunity.