Project Description

Lake Ontario Salmon Restoration Project


Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program

Project objectives:

To stock young Atlantic Salmon into three tributaries of Lake Ontario and to have 90+ classes raise and release Atlantic Salmon as stewards of their local watersheds.

With this proposal, we are seeking to secure the fish production & stocking and education & outreach components of the program, both of which involve extensive staff time and travel. More specifically, we are looking to supplement fish production costs to ensure we continue to have eggs available for classroom hatcheries and fish available to stock into our target rivers. We are also looking to support travel and staff time to deliver eggs to classroom hatcheries and subsequently release the hatched fish into our target restoration rivers, and to grow the number of presentations we give to schools about the restoration program effort and Atlantic Salmon in Lake Ontario. Additionally, we seek support to have staff travel to stocking events to release fish and, more critically, coordinate the volunteers on-site needed to release fish over 15+ stocking days each spring. Part of the education & outreach funding request is also to replace the consumable supplies the participating schools require each year for their classroom hatcheries (e.g. filter cartridges).

Final Report