Project Description

Trout Unlimited Canada


Reconnecting Canada: Reconnecting Armstrong Creek

Project objectives:

Eliminate instream barriers in Armstrong Creek, allowing fish and other wildlife to be connected to their upstream habitat, increase water quality, improve stream form and function, reduce water temperature, reduce erosion, connect the local communities and educate the public.

For this grant application in particular, TUC wants to focus on the reconnection of Armstrong Creek, in Markdale Ontario. Armstrong Creek is a coldwater tributary to the Rocky Saugeen River, that provides direct habitat the only native stream-dwelling trout found in eastern Canada – Brook Trout. There are several old, obsolete dams along this stretch of river that TUC has been working to remove over the last number of years. This year we are focusing on the removal of the “Town Pond Dam” downstream of Grey Road 12, in Markdale, Ontario. The Town Pond Dam is in relatively poor condition. Consultation among Rotary Club members, staff of the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA), local conservation groups, the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, and members of the community at large have reached a general consensus that the Town Pond Dam should be removed and the reach of Armstrong Creek should be rehabilitated to natural conditions through natural channel design.

Final Report