Project Description

Northumberland Christian School Society

August 2016

Northumberland Christian School Society

* Grant awarded for the Revitalization of the Long Grass Area

Project objectives:

The proposal is to create an area that is both usable and versatile as an outdoor education space. We are looking to build an outdoor theatre space, classroom and aboriginal awareness location. This project will provide a third habitat on the property. It will also give the students a naturalized area that is safe to explore and learn about the species that are native to the tall grass prairie habitat. We also hope to encourage a greater diversity of wildlife on our property. Once the project is complete, we would open the area to local schools to come and learn about native species and the habitat in which they thrived. The site would also provide a location for outdoor speakers, performances and movies. Eventually, we will be a green haven in the midst of a housing development that will eventually surround our school property.

Interim Report | Interim Report #2