Project Description

Toronto Wildlife Centre

August 2016

Toronto Wildlife Centre

* Grant awarded for the Saving Migratory Songbirds through Medical Care, Rehabilitation and Public Education project.

Project objectives:

To provide rehabilitation and medical treatment to injured migratory songbirds found in the GTA and beyond, and release them back to the wild as soon as they are healthy. We use patient stories to educate the public on the threats to migratory songbirds through our social media channels, e-newsletter and blog. Migratory birds need our help; high casualty numbers are affecting populations and most bird species are in decline. As of April, 2016, 89 species of birds are considered to be endangered, threatened, of special concern or extirpated. In Ontario, 25 species of migratory birds are listed on the Species at Risk Ontario list (SARO). The populations of many other bird species are also decreasing.


Interim Report | Final Report