Project Description

Ontario Nature

August 2016

Ontario Nature

* Grant awarded for promoting citizen science to monitor ecosystem change in northern Ontario.

Project objectives:

The Crowe Valley Conservation Authority (CVCA) has the opportunity to expand on the hiking trail system at the McGeachie Conservation Area. Since 2012, a diverse trail system has been created for the public to either go for a leisurely stroll through the forest or for the extremist who finds it a rush to hike or bike along steep rocky trails. There is even thought of being given to creating loops from trail to trail allowing hikers to customize the length of their excursion. The new hiking trail will veer off of one of the existing leisurely trails and will venture into 40 acres of untouched wilderness just waiting to be explored. These extra 40 acres will create an opportunity for the public to get outside, experience wilderness at its finest, and improve their physical and mental well-being.

Final Report