Project Description

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph

July 2017

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph

* Grant awarded for the 2017 Environ-Mentoring Program.

Project objectives:

The Environ-Mentoring Program is designed to provide environmental and conservation education to at-risk youth who would otherwise not have access to such programming. Other community groups in Guelph offer similar programs, but there is always an associated cost or membership, and the families of our marginalized youth often must direct their spending to more immediate needs such as food, rent and clothing. Our innovative approach cultivates these beneficial abilities in the children who so desperately need them the most, by developing their appreciation and awareness for the natural world through environmental education.

Since 2014, our at-risk youth have participated in educational programming that has gotten them in touch with nature, while having fun and learning to cooperate as a group. They have gone snowshoeing, canoeing, and caving; they have studied birds, water habitats, and winter wildlife; and have celebrated Canada’s 150th and Earth Day with a nature beautification event. They have even learned about other environmental projects in Ontario through the Nature Crusaders magazines that were gifted to us by OWF (thank youJ)! The Environ-Mentoring Program has been such a success that we are running it again this year, for the benefit of new children who will be supported by mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph.

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