Project Description

Toronto Wildlife Centre

July 2017

Toronto Wildlife Centre

* Grant awarded for rehabilitation, education and medical care for birds of prey.

Project objectives:

This project, you will be providing critical funding for the medical care and rehabilitation of up to 50 birds of prey over a 1-year period, with the ultimate goal of releasing each one of them back to the wild where they will continue to contribute to their ecosystem. Further, you will be helping members of the public who find these birds in life-threatening situations; people who are often distraught and have nowhere else to turn. TWC also educates thousands of people about threats facing birds of prey through TWC’s social media channels, e-newsletters, our blog and our education program which consists of presentations to school and community groups. Through these outlets, we encourage people to learn more about ways they can take action to help raptors and advocate on behalf of these species.

Final Report