Project Description

Friends of Cedar Bay

July 2017

Friends of Cedar Bay

* Grant awarded to Development of two new Activity Centres for the Sioux Lookout Children’s Water Festival 2017

Project objectives:

 Friends of Cedar Bay borrows a “Just Add Water” kit from the Ontario Children’s Water Education Council.   We are able to use 6 of the activities from the kit. We would like to expand the number of Activity Centres we offer so that we can increase the capacity for more students, and expand the range of water education. We are proposing to develop two interactive activities. Lay My Egg will help students learn about the life cycle of selected breeding birds in the Boreal wetlands and the importance of different kinds of habitats in the life-cycle of these birds.   Water Runs Downhill will introduce students to the local watershed; demonstrate how water moves through the landscape; and teach the significance of shoreline vegetation.

Final Report