Project Description

BECO - Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario

August 2018

Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario

* Grant awarded for Bobolink conservation in hayfields project.

Project objectives:

Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario works to protect the environment for the benefit of the public and continued functioning of ecosystems by conducting ecological research to support the conservation of at-risk birds and their habitats, and disseminating the research results to the public, researchers, and organizations involved in the conservation of wild birds and their habitats. We strive to address critical knowledge gaps, develop strategic collaborations, and conduct research that leads to effective science-based conservation. Many farmers harvest hay in June to meet farm production needs. Unfortunately, this coincides with Bobolink nesting, resulting in the frequent inadvertent destruction of Bobolink nests in hayfields. However, many farmers are unable to delay the hay harvest because of production needs. Additional conservation strategies are needed that are more feasible for the agricultural community and, therefore, may be more broadly implemented.