Project Description

Conservation Halton

August 2018

Conservation Halton Foundation

* Grant awarded for the Mountsberg Shrike Recovery Project.

Project objectives:

The Eastern Loggerhead Shrike (Lanius ludovicianus migrans) is a robin-sized songbird with habits similar to a raptor, and it is critically endangered in Ontario. These birds hunt prey like a raptor, but lacking in the strength to kill and eat its prey, it impales its prey on a convenient thorn or a piece of barbed wire and then consumes it. Conservation Halton was approached by Wildlife Preservation Canada to fund, build, and run a facility dedicated to breeding Eastern Loggerhead Shrike for release to support the recovery of the wild population. Field study results confirm that captive-bred birds are an important aspect of the wild population and a significant portion of bird pairings successfully rearing young in the wild.

Final Report