Project Description

Nature Conservancy of Canada

August 2018

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (Ontario Region)

* Grant awarded for controlling the invasive phragmites in the Manitoulin Island Archipelago.

Project objectives:

The Nature Conservancy Canada is implementing an invasive species control program to manage and eradicate Phragmites (Phragmites australis, also known as common reed), a highly invasive grass species from sensitive habitats on Manitoulin Island. This aggressive perennial plant spreads quickly, and it can grow over five metres in height and out-compete all native vegetation. In 2005, phragmites was recognized as Canada’s worst invasive plant by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. Since that time, it has great increased its range and threat to natural habitats. Phragmites is present on several sections of Manitoulin and Cockburn Island shorelines, which is causing major problems including: reducing populations and diversity of native plants, sterilizing important wildlife habitat for reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish, and drying out wetland areas in many locations.

Final  Report