Project Description

Environ-Mentoring Program

July 2019

2019 Environ-Mentoring Program

Project objectives:

To foster a sense of environmental stewardship in the at-risk youth of our community, while providing the benefits of mentoring that are present in all of our programs.  Over the course of the 2019 calendar year, up to 240 children will have the opportunity to take part in the Environ-Mentoring Program. The participating children will have access to the educational programming offered by the Grand River Conservation Authority. Through this programming, provided by trained nature interpreters, it is the hope of Big Brothers Big Sisters – Guelph (BBBSG) that the youth develop a sense of environmental stewardship, and learn the importance of: improving water quality, reducing flood damages, maintaining a reliable water supply, facilitating watershed planning, and protecting natural areas and biodiversity.

In addition, the youth will receive the benefits of mentoring that all children in BBBSG programs enjoy.

Final Report