Project Description

Camp Kawartha

July 2019

Shoreline Naturalization Project

Project objectives:

To reclaim 300 sq ft of shoreline and provide a functioning ecosystem, work to protect lake-water quality, provide habitat for land-based and aquatic wildlife, and lessen runoff and erosion.  To teach elementary, high school students and area cottagers/residents about the vital role of shorelines and watershed health and have them understand the direct threats shorelines and shoreline inhabitants face. To promote direct action to enhance shoreline health and diversity and to demonstrate how incremental and informed individual, as well as collective action, can make a difference.

Camp Kawartha and its partner, the Environment Council will also offer two workshops by the end of 2019 to area residents/cottagers regarding strategies and techniques they can utilize to integrate watershed and shoreline naturalization into their property plans. Our goal with these workshops is to reach at least 25 Clear, Stony and White Lake residents in the first year and potentially another 25 in the following year. We can also provide a handbook to help them understand what plants to introduce and how to successfully sustain their shoreline plantings.


* Grant awarded in September 2018

Project objectives:

To provide an active, outdoor hands-on learning event that teaches elementary students the importance of water and water ecosystems and to inspire water stewardship practices. The intention is that good water messages will be transferred back to childrens’ classrooms where teachers can draw upon these curriculum-linked messages. Children will also start acting on these important messages, becoming stewards in their homes and communities. Participants, including students, teachers, and parent supervisors, learn that their actions and attitudes make a difference towards water and ecosystems, and that they are ultimately responsible for maintaining healthier water systems for future generations.

Final Report