Project Description

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

July 2019

Fish Habitat Enhancements in Wolf Grove Creek

Project objectives:

To provide opportunities for community engagement and education through awareness and implementation of fish habitat structures as well as interpretative signage.

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) has a coordinated approach to stream restoration and stewardship projects using information from several programs; including a macro stream assessment protocol. This program includes an in-depth survey of a watercourse where data is collected by wading through the stream and taking detailed observations every 100 metres. The surveys are completed on select watercourses on a five year rotation. The goal of the program is to obtain, record, and manage valuable information on the physical and biological characteristics of creeks and streams, while ensuring that they are respected and valued natural features of the communities through which they flow. Wolf Grove Creek was last surveyed in 2015.

Through the macro stream assessment protocol, sections of Wolf Grove Creek were identified for fish habitat enhancement. These recommendations include creating more pools/riffles, and structures such as half-logs and lunkers. This project would allow a community driven restoration project to be implemented as a result of the assessment, achieving a major goal of the overall program.